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Wild Apps: The Top 5 Hottest Iphone Games You Need To Own in ...

Wild Apps: The Top 5 Hottest Iphone Games You Need To Own in ...: Over the past year the iphone is finally pushing forward and coming into its own as a serious gaming platform. With a flexible ios platform...

Friday, 21 October 2011

101 of the Greatest and Funniest costume ideas for Halloween!

Update - Please add your suggestions in the comment box below the list

1.    Abraham Lincoln Zombie – Scare your American friends!

2.    Albert Einstein Zombie – An intelligent zombie??

3.    Avatar (male or female) – Is it wrong to fancy someone blue with a tail?

4.    Batman – Because robin just isn’t as cool

5.    Bride of Frankenstein – Ladies, that morning look, just run with that

6.    Big baby – Highly entertaining if you’re a 6ft 2 bald huge bloke called frank!

7.    Charlie Chaplin – Irritate anyone and everyone!

8.    Count Dracula – Because its Halloween duh!

9.    Collumbo – Excellent for cheesy chat up lines or if you have a nervous tick

10.   Cave man – Don’t shave for a week

11.   Cave woman – Pmt might help here!

12.   Cat woman – Pictures welcomed!

13.   Clown (scary clown) – Pictures not welcomed!

14.   Cowboy – Do the “lasso on the dancefloor” and you’ll be the hero

15.   Cowgirl – Because its sexy

16.   Devil – Drink WKD to tell them your “wicked” side

17.   Doctor (mad, bloodstained shirt) – What do you expect from the NHS?

18.   Dorothy (wizard of Oz) – Friends go as tin man, the lion and scarecrow, oh and some munchkins

19.   Demon - Ask a vicar what the scarier ones are

20.   Escaped Lunatic – just take I.d with you in case you perform this too well

21.   Exorcist girl – Make people wet themselves!

22.   Elvis Zombie – The zombie “King”

23.   Easter Bunny – If you want to be different

24.   Frankenstein – Paint yourself green and wear a shoe box on your head

25.   Freddy Cruger – Under no circumstances should you pick your nose!

26.   Gladiator – Your mother in law will love you

27.   Ghoul – Google Ann Robinson for ideas

28.   Goblin – A popular choice amongst politicians

29.   George Bush – People will believe you when you’re drunk and say silly things

30.   Ghost Buster – Party pooper at séance’s.

31.   Grudge – Bring your scary little sister along in a bad mood

32.   Grim Reaper – Scare people in nursing homes

33.   Hitler Zombie – Possibly one of the coolest

34.   Hugh Hefner – Would be hard to pull off on a night out in Coventry!

35.   Homer Simpson – Say “Doh” all the time and eat lots of dohnuts as “all part of the act”

36.   Incredible Hulk – Paint yourself green and get someone to put you in a mood

37.   Hippie – Really you’re just there for the free beer

38.   Hobo – Then when you’re drunk at the end of the night and sitting by the road you’re making money!

39.   Hot Dog – Just make sure you leave the party early before everyone gets the munchies!

40.   Red Indian – Run around slapping your mouth

41.   Indiana Jones – Buying a whip and leather trousers may bring a lot of questions your way

42.   Captain Jack Sparrow – “Wheres the rum gone?”

43.   Jaws – Go wearing a sharks mouth over your head – make sure to cut out a beer shaped hole

44.   Joker – Give evil looks to the guy in the batman outfit

45.   Jolly Green Giant – Doesn’t work well for people under 5ft

46.   Jeremy Kyle – Watch Chavs Run!

47.   Jfk Zombie – Works well coupled with marlyin Monroe and a bullet hole!

48.   Jabba the Hut – If you’re too big to fit in other costumes (it’s only a suggestion)

49.   Krusty the clown – Every man and his dog will come up to you trying the “laugh”

50.   Leprechaun – If you’re in Ireland make sure its Halloween or you’ll get mobbed!

51.   Mummy – Get lots of bandages and fake blood (advise against toilet roll if if it rains)

52.   Michael Jackson Zombie – Because I’m bad!

53.   Marylin Monroe – Funnier if you’re male

54.   Mad Scientist – Arguably how I was created! Or so they tell me

55.   Nurse Zombie – Cool and you will confuse every man unsure whether its acceptable to find sexy!

56.   Oompa loompa – Look like you have radiation poisoning!

57.   Old Man Zombie – Wait until its pension day for dress tips

58.   Old Woman Zombie – Scare away muggers

59.   Priest – Say your prayers chump!

60.   Pirate – Oo ar me hearties!

61.   Pumpkin – Makes me chuckle uncontrollably thinking of being dressed up as a giant pumpkin

62.   Princess Fiona (from shrek) – Go as a couple and make your man go as Shrek he’ll love you for it!

63.   Prom Queen Zombie – Go on give us a kiss!

64.   Princess Lea – Your boyfriend will love you forever

65.   Poltergeist – If you really don’t want to go to the party!

66.   Queen – Get a white glove and wave a lot

67.   Robin hood – Bunch of friends as your merry men, by 12 o’clock they will be

68.   Roadkill – Its quite wrong that I’m laughing as I type this but flat squirrel or bunny (sorry)

69.   Red Bull – A can of red bull with wings! – well I thought it was good!

70.   Skeleton – Skeleton walks into a bar and orders a pint and a mop (All the best jokes here)

71.   School Girl (adult) – Watch as men around you get slapped by their wives and girlfriends

72.   Superman – Wear the cape near any bull and you will fly!

73.   Smurf – Paint yourself blue nick a chef’s hat and Y fronts

74.   Superwoman – Saving men all over from marriage

75.   Stay Puft – The coolest icon from ghost busters just don’t cross the streams!

76.   Shrek – Helps if you’re of the larger frame and have loads of green makeup

77.   Scream – Go as ghostface and scare some teeny americans in hot pants (them not you)

78.   Serial killer – Make sure it’s not a “still wanted” serial killer

79.   Tinkerbell – Helps if you’re under 5ft and annoying

80.   Tinky Winky – you can do the silly dance too

81.   Transfromer Costume – Helps if you're very flexible!

82.   Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum – Too many jokes!

83.   Three stooges – Just an excuse to hit each other, goes well if you argue a lot with each other

84.   Unicorn – Make sure you haven’t got the job of being the ass!

85.   Udder (cows udder) – I asked somebody for “U” suggestions and this is what they said! lol

86.   Vader (Darth Vader) – Perfect voice if you have the flu

87.   Vampire – Call yourself “Edward” and look all moody, women apparently love it

88.   Vampire bride – Just turn up wearing that and blokes will love it

89.   Viking – Goes well if you’re a crazy Scottish man called Hamish

90.   The Village People – For the “closer” friends out there

91.   Witch – Nose fingernails pointy hat and a divorce court

92.   Woody (Toy story) – Smutty chat up lines will ensue

93.   Werewolf – Equally Chewbacca? Buy a rug and wear it!

94.   X-rated outfits? – Send me a party invite!

95.   X-Factor Judges – Grin like a plonker and wear your trousers too high (Simon Cowell)

96.   X marks the spot! – Go as a treasure map (I don’t want to know where the X will be!)

97.   Giant Xbox – With a sign that says “play me”

98.   Yoda – Take your nan and paint her green = winner!

99.   Zorro – Moustaches are the new cool

100.   Zombie – You will still be in character the morning after

101.   Zumba Dance Instructor – Those guys are scary!

Please leave me a comment below and add your suggestions!!